Terms and Conditions

Italianly.eu is a service that provides:

  • Italian language courses 1 to 1,
  • Conversational Italian,
  • Business Italian, and Exam Preparation Italian courses and
  • Italian lessons on Skype and 1 to 1 in Stockholm.

The courses consist of 1.5h long classes for individuals or groups.

Booking Italian lessons

All lessons bookings must be agreed in advance with your teacher via e-mail at the following address: info@intalianly.eu Your teacher will confirm the date/dates and time of the lessons at least 24 hours in advance. You must confirm the date and time by answering the e-mail from your teacher at least 24 hours in advance.

Payment and fees

All fees and transactions are in Swedish Kronor, unless otherwise agreed. All the courses must be paid in advance. Lessons must be completed within three months from the date of the payment.

Italianly.eu reserves the right to change the fees at any time and with no notice.

Payments shall be arranged using the PayPal services or Bank Transfer services or Swish.

Important: by making the payment you accept this Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Italianly.eu

Italian lessons on Skype

You are required to be online and prepared for the lesson in the pre-agreed time.

You are entitled to 15 minutes of free assessment to accommodate the online environment and equipment, and enable the teacher to assess your pre-existing language skills.

Technical requirements

Before the first lesson, you are required to properly install Skype or/and Google Hangouts on your computer. To be able to participate in our lessons, you have to create a Skype or/and a Google account and add our teacher to your contact list.

Broadband internet access is required to ensure the quality of the sound and the video. In case of slow internet connection (poor audio/video quality) our teacher may ask you to switch off the camera to achieve better audio quality.


If you decide to terminate your course and will not attend the rest of the pre-ordered and pre-payed lessons, no refund will be made by Italianly.eu.

Italianly.eu reserves the right to cancel any lessons pre-agreed and/or pre-paid in any circumstances and will add a new lesson at the end of the course.

Cancellation and delay policy 

If you are unable to attend the lesson in the pre-agreed time, you have to notify your teacher at least 24 hours before the scheduled time by e-mail. If you cancel the lesson with less than 24 hours notice or miss it, or failed to log-in within 15 minutes following the lesson start time, the lesson is to be considered as if it was completed.

The teacher reserves the right to terminate the lessons in case of force majeure and any of the following circumstances:

  • awful audio quality
  • disruption of Internet services on any sides of the lesson

If terrible audio quality or disruption of the Internet services are on the teacher’s side, the lesson will be rescheduled. If awful sound quality and separation of the Internet services are on the student’s side, you can reschedule only 30 minutes lesson.

In case of force majeure, if more than 30 minutes are completed, the whole lesson will be considered as completed.

In case you are late, and you didn’t inform the teacher of the delay, the teacher will sign out of Skype/Google Hangouts after 15 minutes and charge you for the lesson.

Expiration date

If you buy a single lesson and a package you must attend those lessons within three months from the date of purchase; otherwise, you lose the right to complete them.

Exclusion of liability

Italianly cannot be at any time held responsible for any damage caused by the performance or inadequacy of the services of any third party (e.g., the Internet, Skype, Google Hangouts).