Sayings who have ancient origins (Part two)

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Sayings who have ancient origins (Part one)
Agosto 21, 2019
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Settembre 4, 2019
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The discovery of the Italian saying continues. Each has an ancient story to tell.

Ready? Go!

Perdere la Trebisonda

Literally: “Lose the Trabzon.” It is an expression used to say: “lose control, be confused and disoriented.”

The origin is because the city of Trabzon (Turkey), located on the shores of the Black Sea, represented an essential point of reference for all the sailors who traveled between Europe and the Middle East.

So losing the Trabzon corresponded to losing orientation during navigation.

Muoia Sansone con tutti i Filistei

Literally: “Death to Samson with all the Philistines!”
Samson was a biblical character to whom God had given an incredible physical strength, to free Israel from the Philistines, an ancient people of Indo-European origin.

Since he was a boy, he was an undisputed hero, capable of performing extraordinary feats.

One day he fell in love with Dalila, a corrupt woman who on the orders of the Philistines succeeded in discovering the secret of his strength, which consisted of never cutting his hair.

The woman, therefore, while Samson slept, cut off his hair and the hero thus lost all his power.

Delivered to the Philistines and imprisoned, he asked God for forgiveness for having been deceived and begged him to give him the strength to retake revenge.

Thus it was that during a banquet of the Philistines, he succeeded in bringing down the temple by shaking the walls with his strength and, before dying, he pronounced the famous phrase: “Death to Samson and all the Philistines!”

It means you are willing to do anything. Even renounce your life, to harm others.

Rivedersi a Filippi

Do not trust those who say, “Ci rivediamo a Filippi!” Literally: “Seeing each other at Filippi!”

“Rivedersi a Filippi” is a phrase that comes from ancient Rome.
Brutus, one of the conspirators of the emperor Caesar, dreamed of the latter who told him: “We will meet again at Filippi.”

The next day there was a battle in Filippi in which the Republican troops were defeated. Brutus, aware of having lost, decided to commit suicide.

For this reason, “seeing each other at Filippi” is an expression that calls for prudence, given that it heralds the moment of revenge, of justice, of punishment.

Hope you enjoyed these Italian’s sayings 🙂