Italian through the cuisine

Italian through the history of art | Italianly | Learn Italian as you like
Italian through the history of art
Aprile 26, 2017
The history of Italy | Italianly | Learn Italian as you like
The history of Italy
Marzo 20, 2019



Italian through the cuisine

6 weeks      1 lesson/week      90 minutes      Levels: A1-A2     

The "culture of food" characterizes Italian tradition. The cuisine is one of the active elements of Made in Italy, and it is also an excellent opportunity to understand one of the essential data of culture: its diversity.

Focus on the particular lexicon of cooking: recipes, idioms, the use of verbs, and so on. In this way, you can speak Italian (using dishes instead of words) even when he invites his/her friends to dinner who know nothing of Italian but know that the food is the result of a thousand-year history.

N.B. This is a theoretical course if you want to cook in your kitchen Corso di cucina is the right course for you.

You can start every day of the week , the timetable is up to you.
You can choose from one of these three places for our lessons :
Vasagatan 7, Norrtullsgatan 6 and Strandvägen 7.
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Hej! I am Nicky, a qualified and certified Italian teacher for foreigners.
With me by your side, you will learn the real, pure Italian.

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