How to write a business letter in Italian

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Business letters must be extraordinarily impersonal and devoid of any emotion.

No doubt your first experience with Italian business letters will be stressful, but as you get to know the terminology and specific constructions, the situation will improve considerably.

Be brief, precise, and linear!

Business letter. Heading.

• Egregio Sig. …/ Egregia Sig.ra … / Egregi Signori – ( = Dear Mr. … , Dear Ms. …, Dear Sirs)

• Gentile Sig. … / Gentile Sig.ra …. ( = Mr. …, Ms. …)

• Gentilissimo Sig. … / Gentilissima Sig.ra … ( = Dear Mr. … , Dear Ms. …);

• Spettabile Ditta – ( = Dear Sirs) . This header is used when the letter is addressed to the company and not to a person.

Business letter. Introductory formulas.

When you write a business letter to a company in the person of its representative and that acts in the name and on behalf of the company, you will have to contact him using the “Voi”.

If you write to a person with whom you have no confidence or to a freelancer (lawyer, Dott., Ing., Prof., etc.) you will have to use the “Lei”.

• A seguito della Vostra lettera del (data) … ( = further to you letter of (date);

• In risposta al Vostro annuncio sul (nome sito o giornale) del (data) … ( = in response to your advertisement in (name, date);

• A seguito del nostro colloquio telefonico… ( = following our phone conversation, I…);

• Come richiesto Vi invio / Vi scrivo / Vi informo / Vi comunico… ( = as you requested, I am sending / writing /informing /  communicating …)

• Ringrazio per la Vostra lettera… ( = Thank you for your letter…);

• Le / Vi sarò grato / grata se… ( = I would be grateful for…);

• Con la presente confermo il ricevimento della Sua /Vostra lettera … ( = I acknowledge receipt of your letter of (date)…);

• Con riferimento al nostro colloquio telefonico in data odierna confermo la mia presenza il giorno (data) With reference to our telephone interview today, I confirm my presence on the day (date)

Business letter. Attached.

• In allegato vogliate trovare: (elenco di documenti) – (= Please find attached: list of attached documents);

• In allegato: (elenco di documenti). – ( = See attached: …)

Business letter. Closing formulas.

• In attesa di Vostra sollecita risposta, cordialmente saluto. (Firma) – ( = I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Yours sincerely, …)

• Confidando in una sollecita risposta e rimanendo a vostra completa disposizione, cordialmente saluto. (Firma); Trusting in a prompt response and remaining at your complete disposal, I cordially greet you. (Signature);

• Ringraziando anticipatamente per una sollecita risposta cordialmente saluto. (Firma); Thanking you in advance for a prompt reply, I cordially greet you. (Signature);